By Neil Mackay  @neilmackayWriter at large in the Glasgow Herald

Neil Mackay says: The SNP is losing its grip in every direction you look 

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THIS should have been a great week for Nicola Sturgeon.

In response to Rishi Sunak and his millionaire’s budget, which leaves Britain’s poor more exposed than ever to the whirlwind of financial agony that’s coming fast upon us, the SNP did the decent thing: increasing the Scottish Child Payment to £25 to protect the most vulnerable.

Good on them. So why is the SNP limping around wounded, rather than firmly occupying the high ground? The answer is two-fold: firstly, the party seems a mess internally. Its messaging is disastrous – something is seriously amiss in its communications department.

Secondly, and much more importantly – as who cares about a political party when it’s people who really matter – the SNP government is now in the depths of its most shambolic policy phase. The ferries scandal, and the disastrous administration of the NHS, take the shine off any positive moves the government makes.

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  1. 1 in 5 scots are living in poverty, we have the worst drug addiction death rate in the western world but this week Sturgeon reckoned that the situation in Ukraine was a good case for scottish independence.
    And disgraced former msp derek mckay is the patsy for the ferries fiasco.
    Vote against these clowns in May folks

  2. Look, Surgeon is very focussed on the micro minority transsexual community. They may only be about 0.02% of the community Nikola and her team are absolutely focussed turning our system upside down to accommodate.

    Changing your sex like you changing your sex is the big thing. Shared toilets or where trans woman or women in men’s bodies can go into your young daughters changing room is very much part of it too. Indeed, I recently saw a picture of two SNP politicians, one being Glasgow Councillor Rhiannon Spear the other Mhairi Black MP. One had a yellow tee shirt proclaiming Trans Ally whilst the latter had a jersey emblazoned ‘ you can pee beside me “

    Kind of tells us all about the focus at the heart of the SNP. And of course Mhairi Black is also famous, or is it infamous for taking a Drag Queen called Flowjob in to visit a young primary school class.

    Maybe no surprise then with focus like this that the day time job of education, health care, GP services and all the other less worthy focusses of Government are slipping a tad under Nikola and the team.

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