West Dunbartonshire Council election: Full list of candidates for Thursday, May 5

West Dunbartonshire Council has published the full list of candidates for the May 5 local government elections

West Dunbartonshire Council has published the full list of candidates for the May 5 local government elections.

The candidates for the upcoming council election in West Dunbartonshire have been announced.

West Dunbartonshire Council released a full list March 30, of the representatives standing for election after nominations closed at 4pm that day.

Below is the full list of people standing in each ward and the party they will represent on election day on May 5.

Lomond (3 councillors)

  • Drew Maceoghainn (West Dunbartonshire Community Party)
  • Jonathan McColl (Scottish National Party)
  • Sally Page (Scottish Conservative and Unionist), pictured
  • Martin Rooney (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Hazel Sorrell (Scottish Labour Party)

Leven (4)


  • Paula Baker (Scottish Green Party)
  • Jim Bollan (West Dunbartonshire Community Party)
  • Ian Dickson (Scottish National Party)
  • Matthew Dillon (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Ronnie McColl (Scottish National Party)
  • Michelle Marie McGinty (Scottish Labour Party)
  • John Kelly Millar (Scottish Labour Party), pictured
  • Sian Wilkie (Independent)

Dumbarton (4)

  • Karen Conaghan (Scottish National Party), pictured
  • Gurpreet Singh Johal (Scottish Labour Party)
  • David McBride (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Lynda McEwan (Scottish Trade Unionist Socialist Coalition)
  • Andrew Joseph Muir (Scottish Family Party)
  • Chris Pollok (Scottish National Party)
  • Jonathan Rainey (Scottish Libertarian Party)
  • Brian Walker (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Kelly Wilson (Sovereignty)

Kilpatrick (3)

  • David Jardine (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Douglas McAllister (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Lawrence O’Neill (Scottish Labour Party), pictured
  • Gordon Scanlan (Scottish National Party)
  • Marina Scanlan (Scottish National Party)

Clydebank Central (4)

  • Diane Docherty (Scottish National Party), pictured
  • Craig Edward (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Clare Steel (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Sophie Traynor (Scottish National Party)
  • Liam Wilson (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)

Clydebank Waterfront (4)

  • Brian Michael Lally (Scottish Family Party)
  • Daniel Lennie (Scottish Labour Party) , pictured
  • James McElhill (Scottish National Party)
  • June McKay (Scottish Labour Party)
  • Holly Moscrop (Scottish Conservative and Unionist)
  • Lauren Oxley (Scottish National Party)
  • Jacob Toland (Scottish National Party)

When the electorate goto the polling stations in May they will vote using the Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system.

How does this work? The voter will number the candidates in order of their preference.

Number one would therefore go next to the name of the representative who is their first choice, two next to their second choice, and so on.

There is no limit to the number of preferences a voter can have, they can choose to only select a first choice or rank every candidate.




  1. Well it just got a whole lot easier choosing who to vote for. All of the NATO Nazi lovers are up for the Iron Cross. Goebbels isn’t in it. That leaves the Community Party members, Jim and Drew, left to hold the fort and defend the country. Of course, it’s odds on the Waffen SS will take control of WDC. No doubt they will have Herr Zelensky “Freeman of the Highlands” up on Zoom to celebrate the occasion. Fine. It will suit me to have all of the Fraus and Frauleins in one place….the Wolf’s Lair! We all know what happened to that lot the last time. It will be out with the “disinfectant” again.


  2. If by the Waffen SS you mean the SNP James I don’t think it is by any stretch of the correct thinking to assume that the SNP will prevail. Especially since in the council just finished they didn’t enjoy a majority.

    There is huge discontentment building against the SNP just as there was for Labour before them. Folks are to put a not too fine a point on it well and truly scunnered.

    And so we may very well see the situation where folks that actually bother to vote do so ranking individuals not associated with the major parties. Councils after all are about local governance, local service. And for that reason it would not be unreasonable to believe that non major party candidates may do very well on Thursday.

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