Due to last minute cancellations, we still have a couple of places available on this week’s Effective Freelance course taking place via Zoom.  
Journalists must now have more than basic journalist skills: they must have business, technological, marketing and financial skills to adapt to the changing marketplace. Traditional freelance training has focused almost entirely on the journalism, treating the freelance as a home-based version of a staff journalist. The Effective Freelance course is aimed at providing the knowledge to understand the dramatically-changed business and technological environments in which we must work. The main objective is to enable freelances to become not only effective able to target new markets and manage their marketing. The course is designed to cover not only the essentials of working as a freelance – organisation, negotiating, producing work, markets, law and financial record-keeping – but also living as a freelance, including personal finance, etc. The course includes breaking into new markets, establishing terms, chasing payment, improving returns, specialist journalism, handling money, tax and deductible expenses, and copyright. The course also covers the NUJ’s code of conduct and recommended guidelines on reporting as a freelance.  The course takes place from 10am – 1pm on 20 & 21 October and places are free to members in Scotland.  Should you wish to book, please let me know.
Joan Macdonald
Training Manager
NUJ Training Scotland
Tel:  0141 251 0363   Mob:  07730 513991

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