The Dumbarton Reporter has a story that West Dunbartonshire has the second shortest life expectancy in the UK for women aged 40, according to a new study.

The research, by care experts Guardian Carers, put the area’s female population as having an average of 39.8 years left to live after the age of 40.

Men in the local authority didn’t fare much better than women, with men having an average of 36.04 years left after they turn 40, putting them third lowest in the UK.

A 40-year-old resident of nearby Glasgow City has the lowest remaining life expectancy compared to any other UK area.

For women living in Glasgow, the average life expectancy from the age of 40 is 39.3 more years.

Male residents have an average of 34.8 years to live, from the age of 40.

A spokesperson for Guardian Carers said of the finding: “The disparities seen between areas of the UK in this analysis could highlight major problems in social, economic or health-related factors.

“It also shines a light on the finding that women across the UK are expected to live longer than men.

“The age of 40 marks the typical midway through an average lifetime, and it is fascinating to see how many years people can expect to live further, in each location.”

The list of top ten shortest life expectancy for men after they turn 40 (Image: Guardian carers)

Guardian Carers, analysed ONS data to reveal the life expectancy from the age of 40 for each local authority in the UK.

Inverclyde, the nearest local authority on the top ten list, was in fourth for women and fifth for men.

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