Suella Braverman – her remaks about asylum seekers have people fuming.

By Bill Heaney

Heartless Suella Braverman, the UK Home Secretary, has come under attack from the Church of Scotland about her statement that Britain is being “invaded” by asylum seekers. 

The Rev Karen Hendry, Convener of the Church of Scotland Faith Impact Forum, said:  “I find the language used by the Home Secretary in the House of Commons yesterday to describe the situation facing irregular migrant crossings in the English Channel deplorable.

“We all have a duty to ensure that however vigorous and heartfelt our political positions and ideas, we treat one another with respect and we use arguments which promote and uphold human dignity.

“Through our support for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in local communities and through their contribution to our congregations, we recognise and celebrate the gifts we receive when we welcome the stranger.

“We recall that Jesus Christ was himself a refugee and that he taught his followers that ‘whatever you do for the least of my brothers and sisters, you do for me’.

“We have called on the UK Government to establish better community-based alternatives to asylum accommodation and have repeatedly requested meetings with the UK Government to make constructive and practical responses which demonstrate the kindness, generosity and compassion of our members and the wider public.

“Today I reiterate that call and repeat our request to meet.

“The reality of forced migration cannot be wished away, our only credible response is in how we deal with helping those in desperate need and working to challenge the systems of injustice which force people to leave their homes.

“Politicians, commentators and all of us in our conversations and messages need to speak and write with love, thought and understanding of how our words have the power to build a common good, as well as to harm it.”

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