ENVIRONMENT: Don’t Let Balloch Park Sink

Balloch Castle Country Park , Balloch , West Dunbartonshire

The Balloch Castle Country Park Regeneration Group have made their first application for grant funding. The group have been working toward this for most of this year – the group has a formal constitution, with the correct data protection in place and a stakeholder engagement document. There is now a website and a Facebook page for the Group.

Councillor Martin Rooney and Councillor Michelle McGinty.

By Lucy Ashton

A meeting with Councillor Martin Rooney and Councillor Michelle McGinty resulted in support from the Council for the Group to apply for grant funding.

The Group have carried out a survey of Park users and a count at all four entrances to Balloch Park. Park users are all appreciative of such a splendid public Park. The survey recognised the need for the regeneration of the natural environment, for a purposeful use of the Castle, and stable block, accessible toilets, a café or two and educational facilities.
The count showed an increase of at least 50% in visitor numbers since the last official count in 2003. The visitor number is close to one million people per annum.

The funding application just lodged to the Riverwoods Pioneers works on a step by step basis, depending on levels of public support to push the application up to the next level. Two finalists will compete for £125,000 that will kick start environmental regeneration planning and work. The Riverwoods Pioneer fund is based on enhancing and protecting the desirable environment for the Atlantic Salmon (a protected species).

The Group have been working closely with those who are already well established in managing and improving the water courses and biodiversity in and around Loch Lomond, are already involved in Education, namely the Loch Lomond Fisheries Trust and the Loch Lomond Angling Improvement Association.

Balloch Castle Country Park is bordered by Loch Lomond and the River Leven. There are concerns about pollution into the River Leven from abandoned boats, there are also huge issues with the spread of invasive species within the Park, this needs to be tackled to give the native species an opportunity to thrive. The Burn of Balloch that flows through the Park requires to be cleared, cleaned and for the trees to be maintained with a revitalised planting program of indigenous species.

Please cast a vote now to help your local Park on its regeneration journey.

Thank You.

Voting ends of the 30 of November 2022.

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  1. This is another pack of gentrification lies and an obvious scam from “Pied Piper Promotions.” With the exception of a few fresh faces all of the above have a proven and well documented track record of dereliction, neglect and contempt for the R Leven that I could write a book about. But let’s leave the history lesson for now and cut to the chase. We can ignore how WDC lost title to the R Leven to the Balloch land grabbers and how their own QC and Prof of Conveyancing reported they “treated the R Leven as a liability.” We can ignore the privatisation of public assets and the NPs granting planning permission for pontoon moorings in support of hundreds of boats crammed into the R Leven between The Gates and The Loch. We can ignore my Crime Reports to the PF for LLAIA’s illegal fishing. We can ignore all those who supported the R Leven Canal Plans to wipe the R Leven of the face of the earth. We can ignore the 1000s of letters I wrote to the local press exposing all of these fake, blink and you’ve missed it, “Friends of the R Leven.”

    What’s the money for? The Trill bill? They’ve already wasted £millions on that park and castle and that boat.

    Rooney is in the frame, sheep-dogging for Labour. He doesn’t give a hoot about “Nature” and neither do I when it’s the money and votes talking. He doesn’t give a hoot about any of this. Him and his are NATO Nazi lovers who’ve got millions killed. They wiped Yugoslavia off the map. They totalled Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Libya. Now they’re backing the Nazis in Ukraine. They kept them going since WW2.

    So it’s the “Green Leven” now. Yeah! “Paint it Green.” All the mugs will fall for that. Right?

    The Blairites make extremists look like amateur night and student pranks.

    If there were meaningful proposals to attempt natural habitat restoration, enhancement and conservation on the R Leven that would be different. All I see here is yet another insult.

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