Remote Multi Media Reporting (Glasgow Office) 21 & 22 November (10am-5pm both days) in person training
Increasingly reporters are being asked to work from home although a significant number find themselves representing their bureau in remote areas. Reporters also find that they must file stories for numerous platforms – online, radio, mainstream television – as well as looking after the social media aspect. In addition to operating with a crew these reporters have to be comfortable using a camcorder, a mobile phone or an audio recording device as well as acquiring basic editing skills while remembering that the main thrust of their job is still reporting the news. This specialist ‘hands on’ course has been written for NUJ Training to address this need and will be delivered by a team of NUJ tutors who are used to working in this environment at the BBC.
Please note there may be travel and accommodation funding available for any members wishing to attend from the Highlands & Islands.

Collaborative Leadership Stage 1  21 & 28 November (9.30am-1pm both days) via Zoom

The Collaborative Leadership course was developed to tackle familiar problems in the creative industries: overly hierarchical structures, bullying cultures, misogyny and poor people management.  Some of these problems are caused by the high stress environments we operate in, often caused by tight deadlines, low staffing levels and a highly competitive market place.  But the way we react to those stressors, both personally and professionally, can mean the difference between a disgruntled and demotivated staff, and a team which works productively and collaboratively to overcome difficulties.  This course, jointly led by a psychologist and an expert in NVC, offers participants an alternative view of leadership which involves collaborative working.
Places are limited and anyone wishing to take part in either course should contact me as soon as possible.  Please note that, due to funding criteria, student members are only eligible for these courses if they have a part time income (not necessarily from journalism).

Joan Macdonald, Training Manager,  NUJ Training Scotland

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