SOLIDARITY: Support the Striking Co-op Workers

The way we were … Vale Co-op members from last century.

To: Co-op National Members Council


The Co-op’s stated values are Solidarity, Democracy and Equality. We urge the Co-op National Members Council to intervene and tell them to make a fair wage offer to their loyal and hardworking workforce. The Co-op must to return to the table and negotiate a fair pay deal for Unite members in FuneralCare.

Why is this important?

Unite members working at Co-op FuneralCare in Govan, Glasgow are again on strike as a result of Co-op FuneralCare’s refusal to make a reasonable wage offer to its workers at the time of a cost of living crisis.

The Co-op is an employer that publicly states ‘it is a different kind of business.’ Sadly for our Unite members, their employer fails to recognise the current cost of living crisis while at the same time attacking their workers’ terms and conditions of employment. We believe that the Coop can and should do better.

Govan, Glasgow, UK

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