The Rev Kenny Macaulay has sent us some pictures from Child Concern Nursery and Lower Basic school in London Corner in the Gambia in Africa.

Some of the children supported by members of the congregation at St Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Dumbarton, where Kenny was rector until his retirement to Ayrshire. 

Headmaster Samuel was delighted to receive £1000 towards the cost of educating children who cannot afford any fees towards nursery education. Kenny said: “I taught some biblical stuff there last year as Christian Education is provided if wanted. Fantastic set up and I only wish we could have given more!” 

Delighted Angie Ndow sent Kenny this message: “Feel proud Kenny Macaulay of all the life-changing support that you and your congregations gave from the heart over the years. You helped shape children’s lives for the better and hopefully inspired many towards achieving their potential in later life.”

Kenny was in The Sunrise Centre on Monday getting the receipt for £9,000 which Dumbarton Gambia Education Association has been able to gift to the school there.
He told us: “I was met by Tony Nelson the Chairman of that Charity, pictured top of page.
Sunrise is special, a sister Charity which we have worked with for so many years.
“Our vision for education for poorer children is a shared one, and GETS and our own Charity have worked closely together. Sunrise, which used to be only a Nursery School.”

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