By Lucy Ashton 

Jackie Baillie was impressed on a recent visit to NHS Golden Jubilee in Dalmuir after seeing its expansion of services first-hand.

Accompanied by John Scott, Director of Estates, Susan McLaughlin, Expansion Lead, Gordon James, Interim Chief Executive and Christine Divers, Director for National Elective Services at NHS Golden Jubilee, she was shown round the new eye centre which opened in 2020.

This has the capacity to carry out more than 18,000 cataract procedures every year.

The Dumbarton constituency MSP who is also Scottish Labour’s Health Spokesperson then had a tour around the site of the new surgical centre which is currently in the construction phase and set for completion in summer 2023.

This facility will increase capacity for general surgery, orthopaedic and endoscopy procedures as well as providing state of the art learning facilities for the NHS Scotland Academy.

Jackie Baillie said: “I want to thank the team at NHS Golden Jubilee for inviting me along to visit the site recently.

“The eye centre facility is quite remarkable and delivers treatment for patients who want to be seen quickly and efficiently.

“The work ongoing to develop the surgical centre is extensive and it was great to see it start to take shape.

“With one in seven Scots currently languishing on a waiting list, it is welcome news that this facility will be completed next summer.

“I was also pleased, during my visit, to hear that there is a focus on flexible working among staff to retain skills rather than to let experienced healthcare professionals leave the service to work elsewhere.

“I hope such an approach can be put in place across all NHS boards so we do not lose the expertise we so desperately need to get our hospitals back on track.

“I look forward to visiting again once the hospital is fully opened and functioning.”

Patient care is a priority at the Golden Jubilee, Dalmuir.

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  1. Great to hear some positive news. And fair play to Jackie Baillie for saying so.

    We all know that the NHS has issues. We all now that the big red Brexit with it’s weekly £350 million has gone missing. We all know that the NHS does not get the funds that it needs. We all know that we are short of doctors with many foreign doctors and nurses having returned to their home countries after Brexit. We all also know that the Tories are intent on privatising the NHS not just in England but in Scotland too. That of course is why they introduced the UK Internal Market Bill that allows Westminster to parcel the Scottish NHS up in a corporate trade deal with the USA.

    The NHS is a good thing, a great thing, and despite the bad press, and the fact that there are things that it could maybe do better given more resources, we really need to ask ourselves where would we be without it.

    Well said Jackie Baillie for saying when the NHS does well. It does do well. I am sure the staff at the Jubilee will have appreciated the positive praise.

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