Drivers with up to 23 points on their licence still on the road

By Lucy Ashton

Christmas is a notorious time for people drinking and driving.

So it’s frightening to learn that Scottish Liberal Democrat transport spokesperson Jill Reilly, right, has today revealed that dozens of drivers with 12 points or more on their record are still behind the wheel on Scotland’s roads.

She has now called for an examination of whether persistent offenders are being properly dealt with.

A freedom of information request submitted by Scottish Liberal Democrats to the DVLA reveals that:

  • 181,225 drivers in Scotland currently have points on their licence.
  • 73 drivers currently still on the road have 12 or more points on their licence.
  • The highest number of points held by a single (still eligible) driver is 23.

Ms Reilly said:  “There are dozens of drivers with 12 points or more on their record who are still on Scotland’s roads.

“As winter weather sets in and people set off on long journeys to see family this festive period, it’s important that repeat offenders and wild drivers are kept off the roads.

“For some of these drivers there may be mitigating factors which justify them clinging on to their right to drive but racking up 12 points or more would seem to be a clear signal of repeatedly putting others at risk.

“Part of the problem is that this Scottish Government has completely failed to provide viable alternatives to private cars across vast swathes of Scotland.

“The UK and Scottish Governments should examine whether the right systems are in place to put the brakes on problem drivers. They should also invest in speedy, convenient and environmentally friendly rail and bus services so that alternatives to private cars are available for all.”

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  1. Sound like this LD Transport Spokesperson has too much time on her hands.

    Seventy three people who have after court investigation been allowed to retain their licence after accruing more than twelve points is neither here nor there. It is a very small number and does this motor mouth of a so called Transport Spokesperson know anything of the individuals and the circumstances of why judicial court review did not ban these drivers.

    Of course not. Like Willie Rennie it’s just run off at the mouth time. It’s what traduces politicians to nothing more than braying parrots.

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