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West Dunbartonshire Council are excited to be welcoming all their pupils back to school on Monday 9th January. They said: “We hope you’ve all had a great winter break!”
Reminder:  Industrial action is taking place next week with all primary schools, early years centres connected to schools and Kilpatrick ASN School closed on Tuesday 10th January and all secondary schools closed on Wednesday 11th January.  Stand alone ELCC’s will remain open the 10th.


  1. Sacrificing the children is good grist for pushing for pay claims. The teachers have always been very good at that. little or no hesitation in fact.

    And moreover, sacrificing the children’s education has the added advantage of inconveniencing working parents. Children, the ultimate bargaining chip.

    Unlike the nurses who only recently implemented a very much controlled strike action, and the first strike action is one hundred years the differences between teachers and nurses could not be more stark. But hey, teachers are very special people, or they keep saying.

    But at the headline of all of this, the UK government and its utter failure to manage the economy is at the root of all of this. Neoliberalism, corporate greed, Tory government. It was all our choice.

  2. Oh and here’s a question for all those struggling to pay their way.

    What class of retired worker gets a index linked pension that adds to their pension whatever inflation is. Put as an example inflation at last September was recorded at 11.7% which apparently is the indexation to be added to pensions.

    It sounds very good and my question is therefore why can’t every worker have such a decent pension provision.

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