COURTS: Transgender rape accused tells trial she did not rape two women

Isla Bryson, who identifies as a transgender woman, is on trial accused of rape

By Democrat reporter

A 31-year-old who now identifies as a transgender woman has denied raping two women while she was a man.

Isla Bryson said both alleged victims consented to sexual activity in the separate incidents and she told the High Court in Glasgow: “I would never hurt another human being.”

Bryson, from Clydebank, West Dunbartonshire, is on trial in the High Court before Lord Scott, pictured right,  accused of raping two women: one in Clydebank in 2016; and one in Drumchapel, Glasgow, in 2019.

The court previously heard in agreed evidence that Bryson now identifies as a transgender woman and was previously known by the “dead name” Adam Graham.

Bryson told the court that she knew she was transgender at the age of four but did not make the decision to transition until she was 29, and is currently taking hormones and seeking surgery to complete gender reassignment.

Giving evidence as the first defence witness on Friday, she told the court she was struggling with her sexuality and having issues emotionally when she met the first alleged victim in 2016.

The 31-year-old went to stay with the victim, whom she met online, after leaving a brief, unhappy marriage.

Bryson told the court: “No, I did not, there was barely any sexual activity between us.”

Asked whether she raped the alleged victim, she said: “No, I did not do that and I would never hurt another human being.”

Describing how she was feeling in 2016, Ms Bryson told the court: “At that time, I was struggling with my sexuality and having issues emotionally.

“I knew that I was gay, I’d slept with men under the radar but nobody knew.”

Commenting on where she is now with her transition, she told the court: “I’ve got my top half,” referring to her breasts which she said were due to the hormones, and added: “I want all the surgeries the NHS can give me, I want facial surgery, laser, gender.”

Bryson denies the charges against her and has lodged special defences claiming the sex was consensual.

Mr Targowski also asked Bryson about the incident in 2019.

She said she met the second alleged victim on an app and went to meet her at the woman’s house after being invited over.

Asked by Mr Targowski whether she raped the woman in 2019, she replied: “I did not do it. I did not do this.”

Closing the Crown case on Friday, advocate depute John Keenan withdrew charges that Bryson attempted to defeat the ends of justice by asking the first alleged victim to wash the sheets, and of punching the second alleged victim, and she was acquitted of the two charges.

Earlier, the court heard from the mother of the alleged 2016 victim, a Crown witness, who said she heard her daughter saying, “no, don’t do that, stop” from behind her bedroom door on the night she was allegedly raped by Bryson.

She told the court the accused was in a relationship with her daughter, who lived with her, and regularly stayed over.

The court heard the accused was staying over on the night of the alleged incident in 2016, and the mother said she heard her daughter speaking when she passed her bedroom after waking to go to the toilet.

The mother said: “When I was going to the toilet I heard her saying, ‘no, don’t, don’t do that’, but I just put it down to being embarrassed. I went away to the living room.”

Asked by the advocate depute to clarify what she heard her daughter say, she said: “No, don’t do that, stop.”

Mr Keenan asked: “Is that something you heard her say once or did you hear it more?”

She replied: “She said it a couple of times.”

Asked whether she did anything, she said: “No, I was annoyed, I just went in the living room.”

The mother said that in 2016 Bryson was bald with a tattoo on the face, below 5ft 5in in height and of quite stocky build.

Cross-examining Bryson, Mr Keenan asked whether she knew the mother was in the house at the time of the incident.

She replied: “No, I didn’t and if a mother heard her daughter saying no, no, no, she would’ve rushed in and not gone in the living room.”

After finishing her evidence, Bryson turned to judge Lord Scott and said: “I want to prove to you, if it’s okay to prove to you, that I do only like men, I’ve got proof on my phone. I only sleep with men.”

Lord Scott adjourned the trial until Monday.


  1. This is reality of the SNP world of Nicola Sturgeon. A transgender woman in the High Court accused of raping two women. One in Drumchapel and the other in Clydebank.

    And over the weekend pictures emerged of SNP MP’s and MSPs standing at a rally in Glasgow to campaign for trans rights and standing shoulder to shoulder with a colleague displaying a banner with a guillotine and calling to ” Decapitate TERFs ”

    ( * the term terf for those who do not know is the woke term for trans exclusionary feminine rights or woman who support women’s rights )

    But there you have it SNP MPs Allison Thewlis, Kirsteen Oswald, Stewart McDonald and SNP MSP Kaukab Stewart, all trans gender campaigners out on the streets of Glasgow pictured campaigning with a “Decapitate TERFs” banner being displayed.

    That SNP MPs and MSP who a pro trans gender activists are prepared to campaign like this is an outrage. Displaying a banner calling to ” decapitate terfs” is offensive. It is offensive both in word and in the depiction of a guillotine. Words and emblems such as this are a prima facie incitement to do physical personal harm. Absolutely no different from calling to “kick terfs heads in ” It is a call to violence.

    Absolutely no different if the banner called for ” decapitate police ” or decapitate ” Alisdair Jack ” It’s as vicious and hateful as that and the SNP are out campaigning on these terms.

    We most certainly are well down the road of a failing state. Sturgeon’s and her woke MPs and MSPs are utterly out of control. Police Scotland must act. They cannot stand by and not act.

    This is anarchy, utter anarchy. This is not a government with people like these.

  2. And from news just emerging Clydebank SNP Councilor Diane Docherty and sister of MP Martin Docherty has just stood down from the SNP to become an independent due to her disagreement with the SNP on their legislative GRC programme.

    Meanwhile Dumbarton Councilor and SNP Council Group Leader has conversely supported SNP policy issuing a statement saying she supported the SNP legislative programme.

    Correspondingly, Clydebank SNP organiser Ronald MacDonald issued a statement supporting Diane Docherty in her decision saying

    ” As the one who convinced Diane to stand for council I am pleased that she became an excellent councillor for the people of her ward, and I am sure she will continue to represent her constituents well”

    And will our MP who has just resigned the job as SNP whip at Westminster after six weeks in the job because of reported disagreement on SNP gender policy follow suit.

    He might very well do so.

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