EIS provides support to tackle extreme misogyny in classrooms

The EIS say teachers are looking for resources to ‘discuss Andrew Tate in their classrooms, and to foster greater resilience against harmful online extremist misogyny’

The EIS, Scotland’s biggest teaching union, have issued advice for teachers to help combat extremist online misogyny.

It comes following the rise in popularity of misogynistic social media personalities including Andrew Tate, who previously argued women should be held accountable for sexual assault.

Tate, pictured below,  is currently being held by police in Romania as part of investigations into a case of human trafficking and rape.  He currently has 4.7 million followers on Twitter.

Andrew Tate.

On Friday, the EIS teaching union said many teachers are looking for ways to combat “harmful extremist misogyny” in the classroom.

Guidance entitled Get It Right For Girls, initially produced by the union in 2019, provides resources to “support schools to meet their legal obligation to promote equality and tackle sex discrimination”.

The union said: “The EIS is aware that many teachers will be looking for resources on how to discuss Andrew Tate in their classrooms, and to foster greater resilience against harmful online extremist misogyny.

“The EIS is clear that the consequences of misogyny are far-reaching and intrinsically connected to women’s inequality and violence against women and girls, which is endemic in our society. It is therefore crucial that misogyny and gender inequality are proactively tackled.”

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  1. The EIS would do a lot better if their members desisted from supporting and encouraging trans behaviours.

    Using teaching aids like jars of Nutella and banana videos to tell of anal sex, to primary children, giving out questions to 14 year old asking then to say how often the induled in oral, anal or vaginal sex, or keeping secret from parents the use of alternative sex names for young children is not what folks want from teachers.

    Or what about the removal of girls toilets or girls safe spaces. Not every menstruating 14 year old wants to share toilets with 17 year old boys.

    Perverts in pursuit of pay is about the best you can say about far to many teachers morals. And their union squawk about mysoginy whilst iimplementing the foregoing.

    Or am I missing something.

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