Man attacks 13-year-old boy near Boulevard golf centre

World of Golf centre on Great Western Road
The attack happened near the World of Golf centre on Great Western Road.

A 13-year-old boy has been injured after an apparently unprovoked attack by a man in West Dunbartonshire.

The boy was walking on Great Western Road, near to the World of Golf, at about 14:00 on Saturday when the man assaulted him.

He was left with a facial injury and made his own way to hospital.

Police said two people stopped to help him and are urging them to get in touch as they could have “vital information” which would assist with inquiries.

PC Adam Cairns said: “This boy was walking along the street when a man has assaulted him for no apparent reason. It’s important we establish exactly what has happened and why.

“I would ask anyone in the area who may have witnessed the incident to contact us. I would also request anyone with recording devices, such as dash cams, to check the footage as it could hold images which could provide us with additional information.”

Anyone who witnessed the incident or has footage of the area has also been asked to contact Police Scotland’s non-emergency line.

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  1. How do we know it was a man who attacked the boy.

    Night have looked like a man, behave like a man, spoke like a man, but in Sturgeon’s loony bin Scotland he, or is it it, could be a trans woman.

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