By Lucy Ashton

Police swooped on a street at Graham Road in the Brucehill housing scheme after a crowd of almost 300 people gathered there.

Later police said the incident was blew up after ‘inaccurate information posted online’.

Police are investigating the incident after two people were injured and police cars damaged when what was described as “an angry mob” targeted a house.

Videos posted online show fireworks being set off close to homes in the housing scheme street.

Bricks were thrown at police officers when the crowd refused to take their advice to disperse.

The occupants were removed by the police, and the house is currently boarded up.

Officers now say the incident is said to be as a result of ‘inaccurate information circulating online’.

Two men were injured, one of whom was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital. Several police vehicles were damaged in the disturbance.

No arrests have been made at this time and an investigation is under way.

Area Commander Chief Inspector Ryan McMurdo said: “What happened in Graham Road last night is totally unacceptable and I understand the fear and alarm it will have caused. I want to reassure the public a team of officers is working on the investigation to identify those involved and I have every confidence they will find those responsible.

“Due to last night’s incident, several police vehicles are out of service today, directly impacting local policing.

“As a police officer, I will always uphold the rights of those who wish to engage in a peaceful protest. However, when that behaviour descends into criminality, resulting in the scenes we witnessed last night, then I will act and ensure those responsible will face the consequences of their actions.”

major incident in Brucehill,
Police gathered at the scene outside the house in Graham Road.

Detective Inspector Karen Cameron said: “We continue to carry out door-to-door inquiries and a search of the area will be conducted today. I would like to appeal to anyone with information or recorded footage of the incident to contact us.

“We have set up a mailbox for the public to contact us and email any images to”

Police Scotland say that officers will remain in the area to provide reassurance for local residents.

Anyone with information is asked to call Police Scotland via 101, quoting incident number 2892 of 28 February, 2023. Alternatively, you can call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111 to give your information anonymously.

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