SNP LEADERSHIP: Tories ask to use “scathing” Forbes attack in Party Broadcast 

 By Bill Heaney

The Scottish Conservatives have today written to SNP leadership candidate Kate Forbes asking for her permission to use footage of her “scathing judgment” on her party’s record in government from Tuesday’s STV debate in their next party broadcast.

In an open letter to the finance secretary, the party thanked her for her “truthful assessment” of the SNP’s shortcomings.

During last week’s televised debate, Kate Forbes said that, on the SNP’s watch, “the trains never run on time, the police service is stretched to breaking point and there’s record waiting times in the NHS”.

Scottish Conservative chairman Craig Hoy, right,  said: “Kate Forbes hit the nail on the head with her brutally honest appraisal of the SNP’s record in government during the STV debate.   

“The Scottish Conservatives have been making these criticisms of Nicola Sturgeon’s administration for years, so it’s welcome for a candidate in the SNP leadership race to be so frank and up front in echoing them. 

“By trashing her own party, the finance secretary has provided us with great material for our next party political broadcast as well as future election literature. 

“The only flaw – from her own perspective – in Kate Forbes’ candid comments is that the criticisms she makes apply equally to her too.

“After Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney, she is the most senior minister in the SNP Government, so she has to own the failings she has highlighted.

“Kate Forbes may be trying to portray herself as the change candidate, but she is no outsider. Her fingerprints are over the SNP’s dire record just as much as Humza Yousaf’s are.”


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