HEALTH: NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde celebrates World Delirium Awareness Day

By Lucy Ashton

Today [March 15, 2023] NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde will join the world in celebrating World Delirium Day to help raise awareness about delirium and the impact it can have on patients and families.

Delirium is a rapid change in someone’s thinking and level of alertness, either being sleepy or hyperactive and often accompanied by confusion, personality change or hallucinations.  It is triggered by physical health conditions and is very common but often undetected and affects people of all ages, but particularly those who are older, very unwell or have underlying health or memory problems.

NHSGGC looks to bring continued attention to the importance of early recognition and intervention for delirium and to highlight the best practices to appropriately manage the condition in all healthcare settings.

Dr Hazel Miller, Consultant Geriatrician at NHSGGC, said: “Delirium is a medical condition that can have a serious impact on individuals and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde are committed to raising awareness.

“Members of staff have been working on various tools to help educate other colleagues, patients and family members to provide excellent delirium care.

“The theme for the day is “Delirium is Everybody’s business” and everyone who works with patients in our organisation will be able to take part in our Delirium Care Bingo.  The scorecards have Delirium Care Actions relevant to all staff groups such as teaching a colleague about delirium and showing colleagues that delirium care is important in your area.

“There will also be various stands, posters and members of staff to chat to across all our hospital sites.”

The teams across the health board are encouraging people to be aware of early sign of delirium and how you can have an impact.

Dr Miller added: “It is important to try and recognise the underlying cause of the condition including any potential contributing factors such as dehydration and by preventing these, the risk of developing delirium can be reduced.

“It can be frightening to have delirium and one of the best things that family members can do is to help provide a calming environment for anyone experiencing delirium and provide reassurances.”

NHSGGC encourages everyone to help support World Delirium Awareness Day and to help raise awareness of this common and extremely important condition.

For more information on World Delirium Awareness Day please visit

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