Celtic Boys Club founder Torbett jailed for three more years for sexual abuse

The founder of Celtic Boy’s Club has been jailed for a further three years for abusing another of its teenage players which a judge described as “cynical and targeted grooming.”

Judge Andrew Cubie told 75 year old Jim Torbett, pictured right,  that he used the football team “as an elaborate front for recruitment of your young victims. You have enjoyed 30 years of avoiding responsibility for your conduct but the impact on your victim has been lifelong.

“You caused significant damage, incalculable harm and blighted his life.”

Torbett stared at the jury who had taken almost five hours to reach their unanimous verdicts on the four charges against him as he was led away to resume his current six year jail sentence, looking close to tears.

His earliest release date was May next year but he now has to serve three more years.

Advocate depute Angela Gray told Judge Cubie that Torbett had been convicted in November 1998 of shameless indecency involving three boys who were also Celtic Boy’s club members.

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