By Democrat reporter 

Broken SNP promises to young people will lead to Scotland’s young people booting the SNP out of office at the next general election, Scottish Labour has said. 

Scottish Labour’s intervention comes as the party can reveal several SNP failures and broken promises to young people: 

  • Funding to higher and further education cut by £46m
  • Falling numbers of specialist teachers despite a surge in numbers of ASN pupils.
  • Fewer than 4,000 of the manifesto-promised free bikes distributed.
  • Attainment gap persisting with attainment funding being slashed.
  • No replacement scheme for ERASMUS despite the Welsh Labour Government launching theirs in 2022.

 Scottish Labour’s intervention comes as the SNP’s pledge to offer free school meals in primary school remains delayed and the fallout over the SNP’s failure to implement the UNCRC rumbles on. 

Scottish Labour’s Pam Duncan-Glancy has today said that SNP incompetence is ‘wasting the potential of the young people of Scotland’ and that the SNP has taken the votes of young Scots ‘for granted’. 

Scottish Labour education spokesperson Pam Duncan-Glancy said, pictured left, : “The facts are clear to see – the SNP has failed Scotland’s young people time and time again. 

“From slashing budgets to failing on attainment and not delivering on promises for bikes and digital equipment, the SNP’s record on young people is full of let down’s and betrayal. 

“Their inability to deliver is wasting the potential of Scotland’s young people. 

“For years, the SNP has taken the votes of young people for granted – but young people can see what’s happening. The years of expecting them just to vote on a promise are over, they will kick the SNP out of power at the next election. 

“Scottish Labour is committed to unlocking the potential of every you

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