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Driving after taking drugs or alcohol can put yourself and others at risk.

Drugs and alcohol can affect your reactions, judgement and perception of risk.

Nurse was seven times over the legal limit

A nurse who drove with two children in the car after drinking an “astronomical amount” of alcohol was disqualified for 32 months and placed on a community payback order for 15 months under social work supervision.  

The woman admitted to being seven times over the drink-drive limit on Main Road in the usually sleepy village of Luss, Loch Lomondisde, on May 7 this year.

She was found to have 154 microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath when the legal limit is 22 microgrammes.

The 43-year-old also pleaded guilty to willfully exposing two children to her driving and likely causing them unnecessary suffering to their health.

The woman, from Glasgow, appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week for sentencing where it was heard that she was a first offender.

A request by the Crown for the forfeiture of the car as punishment was refused.

During the hearing, her defence solicitor said: “This is a lady who has never come before the court before. She has advised me that when the pandemic hit, her circumstances changed, and she began drinking more frequently. Essentially the alcohol problem escalated.”

Sheriff William Gallacher said: “The reading is astronomical. As it turns out I haven’t seen that figure in this present. I am very concerned. However, she has grasped that she is very fortunate given the circumstances.”

Her lawyer added: “She is ultimately at a very low point in her life. She accepts that she does need help. She has self-referred to her GP. She tells me that [the drinking] seems to be somewhat under control.

“Things have come to a head in a frightful manner and she is willing to address it. She is clearly a member of society that gives back quite a lot. She is eager to get back to work and she feels very supported at this time. I just ask you take into account the plea [of guilty] at the earliest opportunity.”

Sheriff Gallacher added: “I was surprised by the situation that arose. I have read the social work report and I understand something of why you did what you did.

“I am quite satisfied that this was something you have not chosen to be involved in and other things influenced you some ways in relation to that. You realise that the consequences could have been utterly catastrophic. I am satisfied that you ought to be given additional support.”

The woman was disqualified for 32 months and placed on a community payback order for 15 months under social work supervision.  The sheriff added: “If you do this again heaven help us.”

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