By Bill Heaney

Martin Docherty-Hughes, the SNP MP for West Dunbartonshire, has been given the role of the party’s defence spokesperson in the House of Commons.

And the Helensburgh MP, Brendan ‘Bunnet’ O’Hara, who represents Argyll and Bute, and who recently clashed with the Western Isles MP, Angus ‘Amorous’ McNeill from Barra, in a messy  exchange of views, has been shifted from the Whip’s job by SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn to Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

Angus McNeill quit the Nationalist party after that row and has pledged to stand against the SNP as an Independent at the upcoming General Election.

SNP reshuffle – O’Hara, Docherty-Hughes, McNeill, Black and leader Flynn.

The effervescent Mhairi Black, who is always good for a laugh while she takes her role in parliament none too seriously has been made the SNP’s deputy leader.

She is leaving the green benches at the election and will most probably see her future as an MSP in the Holyrood parliament.

Wee Martin “the pocket rocket” Docherty-Hughes, who demolished a weak Labour candidate at the last parliamentary election, has been made defence spokesman with one eye on the nuclear base at HM Naval Base Clyde.

With a majority of nearly 10,000 votes in his sports jacket pocket, Martin is expected once again to leave the Labour candidate, West Dunbartonshire Provost Douglas McAllister, pictured right,  trailing in his wake at the polls.

He will be expected to keep tabs on all that is going on at Faslane, inside and outside the fence, including the peace camp at the Shandon south gate.

John ‘bool in the mooth’ Nicolson, the former broadcaster, clings on to his role as Digital, Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson for the SNP.

Full SNP front-bench team

Full list of the new SNP Westminster frontbench team

  • SNP Westminster Leader – Stephen Flynn MP
  • SNP Depute Westminster Leader – Mhairi Black MP
  • SNP Chief Whip – Owen Thompson MP
  • House of Commons Business spokesperson – Deidre Brock MP
  • Economy spokesperson – Drew Hendry MP
  • Levelling Up spokesperson – Anum Qaisar MP
  • Social Justice spokesperson – David Linden MP
  • Home Affairs spokesperson – Alison Thewliss MP
  • Justice and Immigration spokesperson – Chris Stephens MP
  • Attorney General spokesperson – Patricia Gibson MP
  • Europe and EU Accession spokesperson – Alyn Smith MP
  • Science, Innovation, Technology and Education spokesperson – Carol Monaghan MP
  • Scotland spokesperson – Tommy Sheppard MP
  • International Development Spokesperson – Anne McLaughlin MP
  • Foreign Affairs spokesperson – Brendan O’Hara MP
  • Women and Equalities spokesperson – Kirsten Oswald MP
  • Environment, Farming, Agriculture and Rural Affairs spokesperson – Steven Bonnar MP
  • Cabinet Office spokesperson – Kirsty Blackman MP
  • Business and Trade (N Ireland and Wales) spokesperson – Richard Thomson MP
  • Health spokesperson – Amy Callaghan MP
  • Transport spokesperson – Gavin Newlands MP
  • Energy Security and Net Zero spokesperson – Dave Doogan MP
  • Digital, Culture, Media and Sport spokesperson – John Nicolson MP
  • Defence spokesperson – Martin Docherty-Hughes MP

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