By Lucy Ashton

Scottish Labour has blasted the SNP’s decision to reinstate a £6.6 million cut to Creative Scotland’s budget.

During the budget process, the SNP was forced to u-turn on plans to cut £6.6 million from Creative Scotland’s budget.

The SNP announced the u-turn to much fanfare, claiming they were “supporting the arts and culture sector at this challenging time”.

Scottish Labour Culture spokesperson Neil Bibby and SNP Minister Angus Robertson.

However, Angus Robertson has since admitted to Creative Scotland that his government u-turned again and re-instated the cut. 

Speaking at the Culture Committee, Creative Scotland spoke of the sector’s “despair and despondency” at the situation and warned there is a risk of decline, closures and job losses in the sector.

Scottish Labour Culture spokesperson Neil Bibby said “The SNP has abandoned Scotland’s iconic arts and culture sector at the worst time possible.

“Not only are they inflicting brutal cuts on Creative Scotland’s budget, but they have caused utter chaos with their string of u-turns.

“We are used to the SNP breaking promises but to do so after just seven months is particularly disgraceful – no wonder people in the sector are losing faith in the Scottish Government.

“It’s clear their disastrous incompetence is putting the very future of our creative industries under threat – they are risking jobs, damaging our economy and making culture less accessible.

“It is essential that we support Scotland’s world-class culture sector during this turbulent time and provide as much certainty as possible.”

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