Good afternoon, on the subject of Council priorities, to use the term loosely

Flooding in Milngavie

I suppose,  predictably the Council will blame extreme weather conditions again despite the money spent on flood prevention at Garshake, funded by a Government Grant, it failed miserably, maybe question the contractors and the advice given to them at the time from them, or is it lack of flood prevention maintenance of the Burn, either way, it is fantastic to see that at the same time as the Council announce a three week bin collection, they also proudly announce £300.000 to be spent on the Pappart playing field, can they not recall the money to similar spent on the Haldane playing field facilities and leisure centre that was little used and set on fire, history will repeat itself. and not forgetting the money wasted on the Fountain plant pots, now disappeared, and the money spent on the fountain currently, which won’t even make it functional.
People now avoid the Vale for shopping as they have gridlocked it with their so called super traffic management, and worse will come
Like yourself, words fail me with the Council, they are not Democratic or answerable to it’s residents, please don’t even mention them dumping anti social persons next to decent hard working people, who in turn make their lives hell, I challenge a Councillor to have a homeless anti social unit or known anti social tenant’s moved next door or even close to them, it wouldn’t happen, nimby, but inflict pain on others, getting angry and getting lost for words, just a disgusting group of poeple with the exception of the ones that stand up to them on behalf of their constituents, but are sadly classed as troublemakers

Thomas Nelson

Ambulance stranded in flood water

The Burn is flooding all the way down to the Clyde.

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