As Labour conference in Liverpool begins, the Shadow Scottish Secretary has set out his plan to transform the Scotland Office.

Ian Murray said the office is currently “a shell of what it should be”, accusing the Tories of only getting involved in Scottish political life when it wants a fight.

The Shadow Secretary of State pledged that if Labour win the next election, the Scotland Office will:

  • Be Scotland’s voice at the heart of the next Labour government, advocating for Scotland’s interests and helping to deliver pledges benefitting Scotland.
  • Strengthen Scotland’s role in the world by promoting “Brand Scotland” internationally and supporting our world-leading industries.  
  • Be active and visible in Scottish communities – listening to people, engaging in civic society and delivering strategic funding.
  • Work constructively with the Scottish Government, using co-operation instead of conflict to deliver for the people of Scotland.

The intervention follows Scottish Labour’s landslide win in Rutherglen and Hamilton West, which Ian Murray has said proves Scotland can lead the way delivering a Labour government across the UK.

Ian Murray said “Under the Tories, the Scotland Office is a shell of what it can and should be – invisible in communities except when it’s after a fight.

“The next Labour government will transform the operation, making it an advocate across the globe for Brand Scotland, a powerful voice at the heart of a Labour government, and an ear in communities.

“While the Tories and the SNP rely on the politics of conflict and division, we will work constructively with the Scottish Government to deliver for the people of Scotland.

“We will make Scotland an economic powerhouse and use the Scotland Office to deliver transformative change for communities.

“This is the change Scotland needs – a progressive UK government that grows our economy, promotes our nation around the world and puts fairness at the heart of our agenda.

“Our seismic win in Rutherglen and Hamilton West shows that Scotland can lead the way delivering a transformative Labour government for the entire UK.

“At the next General Election Scottish voters have a chance to deliver that change by electing a Labour MP and replacing this rotten Tory government.”


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