SNP and Labour are neck and neck in Westminster poll

By Lucy Ashton

A new poll on the eve of the SNP conference has spelled further misery for the embattled party on THREE separate fronts. The Savanta survey shows the Nats are heading for defeat at Holyrood AND Westminster.

In a key finding, it also shows support for breaking up Britain is falling which destroys the narrative that independence supporters are merely switching their loyalty away from Humza Yousaf and his “toxic” party.

The poll for The Scotsman shows the SNP and Labour are neck and neck in Westminster voting intentions ahead of next year’s General Election, with both parties on 35 per cent of the vote. Labour has climbed one point since the last Savanta survey in June, with the Nats plunging three points.

If repeated at the ballot box, a seat projection from Electoral Calculus Labour would have 27 Scottish MPs and Keir Starmer would be on course for Downing Street, with the SNP left with a rump of just 20 MPs – down 28 since 2019 in one of the biggest electoral collapses in British history.

The Conservatives are up two points on 19 per cent and Lib Dems down one on six per cent, suggesting that both parties will hold on to their seats and even add one more Scottish MP on seven and five respectively. This result would be an absolute hammering for Mr Yousaf’s ‘most seats’ de facto referendum plan.

For Holyrood voting intention – the next poll is not due until 2026 but if the SNP-Green coalition collapses there could be a snap election at any point – the Nats are also in dire trouble with Labour ahead on the regional list vote (29 per cent to 28 per cent) but the SNP retaining a lead in constituency voting (37 per cent to 33 per cent).

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