Labour’s Ian Murray MP, Scottish LibDem leader Alex Cole- Hamilton and SNP’s Stephen Flynn MP.

By Bill Heaney

Scottish Labour MPs will put Scotland’s voice at the heart of government, the party has pledged today (Sunday).

As Stephen Flynn kicked off the SNP’s conference in Aberdeen. Labour and the LibDems prepared to go in with the boot.

Ian Murray has accused the SNP chaos-stricken Westminster group of failing to represent Scotland’s interests in Parliament – warning them that “no SNP seat is safe” at the next election.

The SNP group has fallen into turmoil, with MPs Neale Hanvey, Kenny MacAskill, Angus MacNeil and now Lisa Cameron all dramatically quitting the party since the last election and Mhairi Black reportedly threatening to do the same.

The Shadow Scottish Secretary has accused them of being “distracted, divided and woefully disconnected from Scotland’s priorities”.

The SNP group infamously abstained when Labour first proposed a windfall tax on the profits of oil and gas giants to fund cost of living support for struggling households.

Stephen Flynn attempted to amend Labour’s motion to remove calls for a windfall tax while SNP MPs claimed the proposal was a “smash and grab” that “will likely do great harm”.

Ian Murray said “Communities across Scotland are being failed by complacent and out-of-touch SNP MPs, who are fighting like ferrets in a sack instead of representing Scotland’s interests.

“When people across Scotland were crying out for help with the cost of living crisis, SNP politicians couldn’t even bring themselves to back Labour’s calls for a windfall tax on the obscene profits of oil and gas giants.

“The SNP group – or what is left of it after a defection to the Tories – has become distracted, divided and woefully disconnected from Scotland’s priorities.

“No SNP seat is safe – at the next election, every vote for Scottish Labour is a vote to deliver a Labour government with Scotland’s voice at the heart of it.

“Scottish Labour MPs will deliver where the SNP has failed and truly stand up for Scotland.”

Even before the SNP’s conference in Aberdeen began this weekend, the Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Alex Cole-Hamilton MSP, said:  “With scandal and division now hanging over the SNP, their conference looks set to be all grief and no glory.

“Floating yet another deranged independence strategy to members only exposes the desperation of a party that is out of touch and on the decline.

“While the nationalists remain trapped in a rabbit hole of psychodrama, Liberal Democrats are on the rise, crackling with ideas for bringing down bills and getting people the healthcare they need close to home.”

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