First Minister Humza Yousaf’s in-laws arrive home

Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged were allowed to leave Gaza via the Rafah crossing

First Minister Humza Yousaf’s in-laws arrive back in Scotland after being trapped in Gaza

First Minister Humza Yousaf’s in-laws are back in Scotland after being trapped in Gaza for more than three weeks.

The family have been reunited after they managed to cross into Egypt on Friday.

Speaking on Twitter on Sunday, Yousaf said: “We are, of course, elated, but my father-in-law said, ‘My heart is broken in two, and with my mum, son and grandchildren in Gaza’. He then broke down telling me how hard it was saying goodbye to them.”

They had travelled to the region to visit relatives, including the First Minister’s brother-in-law who is an A&E doctor, but became stuck when Israel retaliated for the Hamas incursion last month.

The pair passed through the Rafah Crossing on Friday morning after spending four weeks in the territory as it was repeatedly targeted with heavy fire.

Last week, Yousaf said the family had run out of fresh water and had resorted to drinking water obtained from the sea.

Speaking on Sunday, Yousaf said: “All of the family is so pleased to have them back home in Scotland.

“However, our thoughts remain with those who can’t leave and are trapped in a war zone. We will continue to raise our voices for peace and to stop the killing of innocent men, women and children in Gaza.

“This has been a traumatic few weeks. I can’t begin to tell you the impact it has had on Nadia and our family, particularly my in-laws.

“I’m sure they will tell their story in time. In the meantime, we ask that their privacy is respected. Thank you for all of your good wishes.”

In the photo shared by Yousaf on Sundaym his daughters Amal, four, and Maya, 14, surround their grandparents.

Yousaf previously revealed that his brother-in-law is a doctor who is treating the wounded in Gaza.

Family who remain in Gaza include the First Minister’s wife’s elderly grandmother.

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