By Lucy Ashton

Jackie Baillie is encouraging residents across Dumbarton, the Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond to be prepared for winter and, if eligible, to sign up to receive additional support in the event of bad weather.

With winter on its way, the Dumbarton constituency MSP is backing Be Winter Ready, a campaign run by Energy Networks Association (ENA) on behalf of the energy industry, to ensure local residents are well prepared this winter.

This year’s campaign aims to help people understand the steps they can take to prepare for potential weather-related disruptions to their power.

Jackie Baillie is raising awareness of the campaign’s three key messages: Prepare, Care, and Share. She is also highlighting the importance of the Priority Services Register, which is a free service that allows people with additional needs to receive extra help and support if there is a power cut or disruption to their gas supply.

The support includes advanced notice of planned power cuts, priority support in an emergency and identification schemes to reassure residents that the people who are helping them are genuine.

Residents can sign up to the register by contacting their local energy network provider or supplier, and they can also register someone else on the Priority Services Register, such as a friend or family members.

To identify their energy supplier, customers can look at their latest energy bill for contact details and they can find out who their local energy network operator is by inputting their postcode through the Energy Network Association’s website.

Jackie Baillie said: “Ahead of what may be a difficult Winter, I’m pleased to be supporting Energy Networks Association’s campaign – Be Winter Ready – and to encourage residents across Dumbarton, the Vale of Leven, Helensburgh and Lomond to plan ahead for bad weather which might disrupt energy supplies.

“If you’re a household with young children, with elderly or disabled people, or with anybody else who may have additional needs, you can register for extra support in the event of disruption to your power supply by signing up to the Priority Services Register. This includes advanced notice of planned power cuts and priority supply in an emergency.

“I would encourage anybody who think they may be eligible to visit Energy Networks Association’s website for more information.”

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  1. Aye, everyone should turn up their heating and stay warm.

    Heating is cheap and affordable. Don’t know how anyone could suggest otherwise. There must be something wrong with all those who can’t afford heating.

    Indeed, Scotland has so much energy between wind, hydro, oil and gas, we are a country who exports it, gives it away. Undernoted is a National Grid link that shows how Scotland recently exported a huge 1.69 TW of power. ( That’s a big big number to head south, huge in fact and more than goes across the inter connector to France, Netherland etc )


    Aye all prepare for winter now. The Brexit Bonus is with us all. But where’s the big yellow NHS bus with the multi millions, in fact billions that were promised.

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