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Joyce White

Outcry over council boss receiving OBE

The award of an OBE to West Dunbartonshire Council’s £130,000 a year chief executive Joyce White has caused an outcry on social media.

Tommy Crockett told his Facebook friends: “Just advised that Joyce White has been awarded an OBE. Wee Martin (Martin Rooney, ousted Labour leader of the council) must be a bawhair aff a knighthood. I am very close to turning to alcohol.”

For more comments see Tommy Crockett’s post on Facebook.

Meanwhile, former council leader Les (Shantivajra)  Robertson  said: “I don’t agree with the honours system anyway but how can this award be justified? She heads one of the worst performing local authorities ever, regularly failing to meet standards resulting in WDC being top of all the wrong league tables.”

Councillor Jim Bollan said: “Just heard myself, thought it was a wind up at first until I checked. Services to Local Government?”

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