College crisis

New college repairs costs are soaring

Clydebank Collefe from Titan

Clydebank College is state of the art but falling apart. Picture by Bill Heaney

MSP Jackie Baillie has revealed that the repair bill for West of Scotland College’s Clydebank campus is mounting up, and the Scottish Government are refusing to help.

The Clydebank campus of West College Scotland needs over £530,000 in repairs over the next five years to bring the campus up to scratch.

Further analysis shows £145,191 worth of works have been prioritised as very high, meaning that the works require immediate attention within 1 year to repair elements of the building which could put the campus at risk.

The MSP said:  “The repair bill for the West College Scotland’s Clydebank campus is shocking. Significant investment is needed to ensure that health and safety standards are met.  Lecturers and students deserve to know that they are safe at work and college, but this SNP Government is letting them down.

“The SNP say education is their top priority, but any government serious about education would be ensuring that their campuses are secure and well maintained. The SNP Government must quickly explain how they are going to provide the vital funds for the Clydebank campus and colleges right across Scotland.”

The SNP was not available for comment.

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