Withering looks all round as council lets the grass grow under our feet

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The true picture of what diversity actually brings to our parks and open spaces – a neglected bench in the playground at Helensburgh Pier.

Biodiversity is a word you won’t hear often on the Bellsmyre, Haldane or Faifley bus.

Sight is a word you will overhear often, especially in relation to our parks and open spaces.

Shame is another. And then these are followed by daft, arrogant and stupid.

Crafted into most of the sentences you will hear on the bus and the train and in the aisles of the local supermarkets is the word Council.

And the abbreviation SNP.

The next one is Tories and then “that Independent guy who supported them for the gold chain”.

That’s where disgrace and unprincipled come in from angry voices up the bus.

Labour is getting off the hook – but only through the good offices of Jackie Baillie MSP who has made her views clear on the tragic shambles that has been inflicted on us by West Dunbartonshire Council.

It grows by the minute here – and so does the grass, of course.

And the weeds and the dandelions and cowslips grow too.

They used to be cut back by the workers from Greenspace on West Dunbartonshire Council.

Take a look at the bench in the photograph alongside which has almost disappeared into the long grass.

It is in Helensburgh, of all places, by the Pier no less.

It is a perfect illustration of what happens when councils decide to save money by neglecting the environment.

Biodiversity my tonsils.

Sleekit and subterfuge come to mind.

Neglect is the appropriate word for what Jonathan McColl and his accomplices are doing here.

West Dunbartonshire Council is becoming the rust belt of the West of Scotland.

Have you taken in the rust encrusted lamp standards which have been provided with bulbs designed to keep us all in the dark?

And then the pot holes in the roads. Ah, the potholes. Some of them are big enough for entrepreneurs to consider selling fishing rights for them.

Dumbarton, Alexandria and Clydebank are the gateway to Loch Lomond, the places where we have for years been attempting to persuade the 5 million or so cars travelling on the A82 to take a break.

A place to stop and shop, relax and have a bite to eat and take in the sites of Dumbarton Rock and the River Leven – and the beauty that once was Levengrove Park.

The incompetent, ignorant, inexperienced, arrogant and thoughtless SNP council we thought would bring change for the better to our community has let us down – badly.

There is still time for Mower McColl and his mates to get the green finger out and reverse the neglect order.

Ask anyone at all if they would like that to happen.

The Councillors and the officials, who suggested this neglect as a budget option, should think black, burning shame of themselves.


EUAN Fraser took these picture below of the mess that is being created in Dumbarton, where the Council are “saving money” cutting grass outside empty flats.

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