Democratic deficit

The following letter from Dumbarton exile Stewart Sweeney appeared in The Guardian Weekly newspaper on-line today:

Sweeney Stewart 445The crisis of democracy is being driven by a combination of the intensifying over-development of capitalism and the long-term underdevelopment of democracy.

Capitalist over-development is driven by the need for growth central to capitalist accumulation that is producing unprecedented inequalities and testing planetary ecological limits to create increased economic, social and political volatility and chaos.

Meanwhile democratic underdevelopment has been driven by the failure to extend narrowly confined representative political democracy to encompass economic workplace and community democracy.

This over-development of capitalism and underdevelopment of democracy has created a democracy gap that will increasingly be, at best, filled by short-term coalitions and at worst long-term strongmen and women and of course the generals.

It will take increased activism, resistance and courage to transform both capitalism and democracy.  Stewart Sweeney, pictured above right, Adelaide, Australia

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