Flamingo plan outrage

Flamingo Land plans will ‘overwhelm’ Balloch, says angry councillor

Drumkinnon Woods map

The Flamingo Land plan for Balloch on Loch Lomondside.

By Bill Heaney

This is the land at Drumkinnon Woods that Flamingo Land want to buy.

The size of it is bigger than the main area of the existing village of Balloch on Loch Lomondside.

It crosses the River Leven near Balloch Pier and extends north west past Lomond Shores and up as far as Woodbank House.

Bollan JimIt has already attracted furious reaction on social media, where Councillor Jim Bollan, pictured right, of the Community Party, commented: “This will overwhelm Balloch as a village.”

The Friends of Drumkinnon Woods, who posted the map showing the extent of the proposed purchase from Scottish Enterprise, and for which planning permission in principle has been applied, said: “This is an obscene amount of land to [to be taken over] by just one company!

“There will be restricted access. Think about it folks, once this land is gone it’s gone forever.”

Campaigner Margaret Reid said: “There is no law of trespass in Scotland so in reality they cannot stop the public from walking in that area.  Freedom to walk [is important].

“It is totally outrageous for this amount of land to be sold to one person who will profit from this massive park. I am 100% against it.”


An Alexandria man, aged 36,  has been arrested in connection with the felling of 118 trees without permission at Drumkinnon Woods on Loch Lomondside.  Police have revealed that the man will be charged with malicious mischief and that a report of the incident sent from them to the Procurator Fiscal at Dumbarton with a view to the man appearing before Dumbarton Sheriff Court.  Detectives are continuing with the hunt to track down others involved in the incident.

Drumkinnon plan

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  1. To sell this land is an utter disgrace!!!
    This is Scotlands heritage!!
    It brings in huge amouts of visitors as its so beautiful & untouched ….
    my whole family history is based around this area ….

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