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Dramatic rise in number of single crew ambulances in Dunbartonshire

ambulancesNew figures obtained by Scottish Labour have shown a shocking rise in the number of ambulances with just one crew member under the SNP government. Between 2013/14 and 2017/18 the number of ambulances with just one crew member has sky rocketed by more than 50% in the West Central Region which covers Dunbartonshire. The figures show that the region experienced a 59% increase in single crewed ambulances over the five-year period. This increase resulted in a total of 146,930 emergency incidents across Greater Glasgow, Dunbartonshire and Tayside being attended with just one crew member in this year alone.

The increase in single crewed ambulances show the extent to which the SNP government has under resourced the Ambulance Service across Scotland. The previous Health Secretary promised that the use of single crewed ambulances would end, but clearly this is not the case.

The MSP said: “These figures are very disappointing, and yet another example of the SNP government letting down our valued NHS staff.  The ambulance service can be the difference between life and death for patients in emergency situations, so it is vital that they are properly funded and supported by government.

“For months’ constituents have been contacting me about long waits for ambulances in emergency situations and we have heard how over stretched crews are. Now we are finding out that in many situations it isn’t a crew at all. This is putting further strain on staff and putting lives in danger.

“The previous Health Secretary promised to end the use of single crewed ambulances. It is disappointing that this is yet another promise broken.”

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