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Alexandria Health Centre, where clients will be barred from social work facility.

Vale Social Work clients will be forced to travel to Dumbarton

Dear Editor,

Once again the SNP Council have been caught being economical with the truth. It is becoming a hallmark of the SNP Council to spin and make up stories which have no substance and are quickly exposed.

Your readers will recall when the SNP group were challenged about closing the Social Work Office in Alexandria they were all over the local media explaining there would be an all singing all dancing new service in lovely newly decorated rooms in the Vale Health Centre.

And that this facility would be much better for vulnerable clients and families to be seen in, rather than the not fit for purpose Social Work Office in Church Street Alexandria.

We now know this was all mince and spin to cover up the closure of another vital service in Alexandria by the SNP, forcing vulnerable clients to pay transport costs to Dumbarton.

These lovely new rooms that were to be decorated in nice soft pastel colours for the children and families are only to be used by “professionals” who are now based in Clydebank, as and when they need to come to Alexandria to meet other “professionals”, not their vulnerable clients.

Members of the public are not allowed to access these rooms at the Vale Health Centre, they are only for staff to meet in.

Clients, children and families and other vulnerable people will need to travel to Dumbarton SW office for meetings in rooms which the public can access.

The centralisation of more services particularly vital SW services away from where they are needed is very worrying and alarming. The SNP group need to honour the promises they made to the public and ensure these key services are delivered in suitable accommodation in central Alexandria.

Jim Bollan.

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