Trees are having a tough time in town

trees 1 by Jim Crosthwaite

The uprooted tree on the fringe of Levengrove at Woodyard Road, Dumbarton. Picture by Jim Crosthwaite

Trees are having a tough time in Dumbarton these days.  Storm Callum saw a few of them off in Dumbarton Cemetery, Levengrove Park, the Long Crags and elsewhere.

And the construction team renewing the railway bridges at Townend Road and Strathleven Place have not been merciful when wielding their chainsaws in Bankend Road and the Common.  Bridges 3 Jim Crosthwaite, who took this photograph on the fringe of Levengrove Park, told us: “I was chatting to some workers in Levengrove Park who were working on the old well on Woodyard Road and they pointed out the fallen tree just along the way.

“It seems that in the roots are possibly the remains of an old culvert that the archaeologists are investigating.  First of all they need to get a crane into lift the old stump away, then they can work on unearthing whatever is there. It is believed that it is linked to the old well, and there seems to be some written records of the installation of the culvert , possibly in the 1700s .”
Now that would be interesting if it were found to be true. Branches have been lopped from trees in Townhead Road on the fringe of the Common (above left).

Image may contain: tree and outdoorInvestigators looking into the discovery in the park this morning.

Picture by Tom Gardiner

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