Rail chaos continues for commuters

Bridge at Strathleven 2 Construction teams working on the line at Dumbarton.

By Bill Heaney

The trials and tribulations of being a local commuter continue unabated – despite promises from transport companies to get their act together.

The Democrat asked ScotRail for a definitive timetable for trains this week in order that local people would know when to expect a train to arrive, or depart.

But we haven’t had that information from them – yet.

It appears that when you contact a communications department these days they are struck dumb at the audacity of the press and public asking questions.

I thought the trains were back up and running when I arranged to meet a visitor in Balloch on Sunday.

He was coming from Glasgow to Loch Lomond and said that he had no problems.

The train ran at near enough the right time and he transferred smoothly to a bus which brought him without fuss to Balloch.

Today, however, things appear to have returned to normal at ScotRail, which is really abnormal according to a majority of commuters.

Robertson LouiseDumbarton woman Louise Robertson, pictured left,  tells me she spent some time at Balloch train station today.

However, the train she wanted was cancelled – “I have no idea when next train will be, but a bus will come at some point.

“One exasperated couple went and got a taxi. They had a suitcase and needed to catch a train at Glasgow.

“Two minutes later a train came in and left again a few minutes later. [It is] a total shambles of a service. I had [by that time] phoned Les to pick me up, so had to let the train go.”

Another commuter, Ann Pryce, said: “That is terrible service. I got to the bus stance just as 207 got in. I was going to wait until it came back down from Lomond Shores, but driver said to just get on.”

Train 1.jpg 2Fiona Robertson told social media: “I had elderly customers in who had to cancel dental and hospital appointments as they couldn’t get a train.

“They said they were stuck in a train, pictured right,  at Dumbarton for an hour.”

And Susan Dailey said: “There’s barely been a train on-time in a month. Every other day they’re all cancelled.”

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