Kathleen 4 Clifden in Connemara with the steeples of Christ Church left and St Joseph's right.

Pictures by Bill Heaney and Michael Gibbons

It’s a brilliant way to get yourself “stoned”. Head out to Connemara in the West of Ireland to the beautiful town of Clifden and team up with one of the tours arranged by Michael Gibbons Archaeology Travel.  Michael will give you a warm welcome and and let you join with him mapping the archaeology of the recent past in the Twelve Pins and the hills Connemara. Megalithic architecture booley houses and abandoned hamlets. Some of the houses go back 150 years. Take the appropriate weather gear with you. As you can see from the trees in these pictures, it gets a wee bit windy from time. And, from time to time. there is rain on that wind.

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