By Lizzie Healey

Come fly me – that was ace photographer John Young’s invitation to his father and son to celebrate the Christmas and New Year holidays.

John, 55, who lives in Cardross and was a photographer with the Helensburgh Advertiser before becoming picture editor of the Herald and Evening Times in Glasgow, said: “I spent the second last day of the year with Number One Son and my 78-year-old Dad flying through the skies above Europe.

“Thanks to the wonderful people at Ascent Aviation in Hillington, by Glasgow Airport, we enjoyed the afternoon learning to fly a Boeing 737-800.

“This was a hugely enjoyable experience which left us with a healthy respect for the real pilots who fly us to and from our holiday destination making it look so effortless.”

The Young family are regular visitors to the United States and Disneyland, Florida, where Christopher, 28, a professional golfer is based. They fly there at least once a year.

But this was different altogether – “A highly recommended experience”.

Want try it? You can book here: — with Ascent Aviation at Ascent Aviation.

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