Christmas Day treat at St Augustine’s in Dumbarton High Street.

By Lizzie Healey

It was Christmas Day at St Augustine’s Episcopal Church in Dumbarton High Street with Violet-Ann Woods, Father Kenneth Macaulay, Morag O’Neill and her hard-working team who sacrificed the day off  to give others a festive treat on a day when preparing a Christmas dinner would have been impossible for them.

Violet-Anne said: “A long day but a special day, especially so at Saint Augustine’s Food for Thought community meal. Beautiful people, and a beautiful Church building filled with what to me such places are all about – People – Community – Caring – Companionship – Friendship – Love. Feel privileged being a little part of that.”

Morag O’Neill added: “So many people around our area have contributed to make it a special day and to give joy to others. Big thanks to you all.”

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