UNITE official Margaret Woods with Cllrs Lawrence O’Neill, Danny Lennie and Gail Casey, Greenlight lorry, SNP MP Martin Docherty Hughes and council colleagues on a recycling campaign.

By Bill Heaney

West Dunbartonshire Council has come under fire for its failure to keep their waste management services in-house.

And to put them out to tender in partnership with two other councils – Inverclyde and Argyll and Bute.

Danielle Donnachie thanked The Democrat for bringing this matter into the public domain – “Bill Heaney keep up the good work, we need more people like you to keep us all in the know.”

She added: “[This is] an absolute disgrace again. Not letting those who need to know first again.”

Unite trade union official Margaret Wood said: “Honestly, how can any private company compete with a Council in price to provide a service.

“Any private company is driven by profit to satisfy the shareholders.

“I personally am totally fed up with people earning in excess of £100k flinging contracts out [to outside companies] without looking at doing these things in house.

“It is laziness to say the least. At worst they are pushing a Tory agenda to privatise everything and to rip every penny from the tax payers’ pockets.”

GMB trade union convener, David Scott, said: “As Margaret Wood has mentioned Roads, Waste & Greenspace were on list for Shared Service.

“A manager has been appointed to this £120,000 post but as yet has not been introduced to the trade unions.”

West Dunbartonshire Council have banned and boycotted The Democrat and refuse to comment.

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  1. The Community Part argued for all the jobs and services required to be taken in-house when Greenlight closed. The SNP Council decided to go down the privatisation route which appears to be their preferred option for many public services.

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