Furious unions union draw red line at Council cuts to wages and time off

Bollan Jim 2West Dunbartonshire Council came under fire today from their trade union employees.

By Bill Heaney

Around 250 union members – from UNISON, UNITE, EIS and GMB – were present at the meeting in the Denny Civic Theatre.

Community Party councillor Jim Bollan, pictured right,  issued this statement later: “I attended a meeting today of around 250 Council Trade Unionists in the Denny Civic Theatre in Dumbarton who unanimously passed a motion condemning the SNP Council’s attack on their terms and conditions.

“This included cutting six holidays a year;  cutting rates for unsociable hours working; cutting overtime rates and a host of other deep cuts to wages and conditions the Trade Unions have fought for over a long number of years.

“These terms and conditions are part of National Agreements and need to be defended all all costs. 

“The motion passed said the Union members had drawn a red line on their wages and conditions and will take any action required to defend them.

“The whole community needs to get behind the Council workers in their struggle as it is also our public services that will be reduced, weakened and some lost completely if we do not stand in Solidarity with Council workers against this vicious attack from the SNP Council.”

UNIONSa.jpg 2 IN Denny Civic

Council trade unionists taking part in the mass protest meeting today.

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