Carnival is neither fair nor fun for families living near the Common

Cllr McBride, Joyce White and Shows old and new.

By Bill Heaney

Send in the clowns – but please tell the public to whose doorstep they will be bringing their carnival.

A lot of people who live near Dumbarton Common were extremely unhappy when the carnival arrived earlier this month.

No one in authority seemed to consider that adding the loud music, other noises and even more traffic on an area already blighted by traffic jams and work on the nearby railway bridges was not a good idea.

Now Councillor David McBride wants to know why elected members were not warned this might happen.

Had his officials lifted the telephone or dashed off a quick e mail and asked councillors if they thought it would be a good idea to give Taylor’s of Edinburgh a public entertainment licence then some of them might have said No.

But, as we have found out recently, communications between council officers and the SNP administration are pretty dire.

Image may contain: 2 people, people smilingThe officials probably think an application for an entertainment licence is pretty much a sideshow, as they appear to do with procurement rules.

There really is no excuse for the officials not flagging this up to the elected members.

The Shows have been coming to Dumbarton for a century and more.

They always bring with them a rowdy element who cause trouble, so the public should have been warned this was happening.

And the council officers appear to have applied minimum attention, sticking tightly to the rules that a temporary licence can be granted without consultation or notification to nearby residents and ward councillors.

Cllr McBride will be suggesting at this month’s Council meeting in the Burgh Hall that on occasions, particularly when the event may significantly affect nearby residents, consultation may be appropriate.

He has there moved that the Council asks the Chief Executive, Joyce White, to provide a report to a future meeting that details the current procedure and an explanation of how this maybe improved for the future.


His motion states: “The options detailed should include the status quo, limited notification and consultation with local residents and ward councillors, up to and including requiring full consideration by the Council’s Licensing Committee.”

The Council can then agree how to proceed with this once the report is published.

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