I was wondering if any of PS Waverley’s loyal supporters will be free over the next few months to come along to help clean and organise our paddle steamer for her coming lay up. This is mainly housekeeping tasks, but other tasks are also available! The ship is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 0830 to 1530 hrs. All help would be very much appreciated. Thank you. Barbara Craig

MSP asks Scottish Government to throw lifeline to the Waverley

By Democrat reporter

Dumbarton and Lomond constituency MSP Jackie Baillie has urged the Scottish Government to provide any support it can to assist with getting the Waverley paddle steamer sailing again on the River Clyde.

The iconic Waverley steamer has had all planned excursions for 2019 cancelled due to extensive problems with the boiler which is likely to need to be replaced if the steamer is to return to the Clyde in 2020. This boiler replacement will come at a significant cost, potentially as much as £2 million although final scoping of the work required is still being carried out.

The MSP raised a question with the Scottish Government yesterday asking whether it would provide support to help with the repairs and if it would meet with representatives of the Waverley to discuss the issue further.

Jackie Baillie said:  “The Waverley is an iconic vessel steeped in history that has a special place in the hearts of residents along the Clyde and across Scotland. It provides a unique and memorable experience for all visitors to the area.

I was saddened at the announcement cancelling all excursions for 2019. It is clear that the cost of replacing the boilers will be significant and help will be required.

I am delighted that the Scottish Government has agreed to meet with myself and with representatives from the Waverley to discuss how best to address the issues and any potential support that the Scottish Government can provide in order to get the Waverley sailing again for 2020”.

In response, the Scottish Government’s Cabinet Secretary for Culture, Tourism and External Affairs, Fiona Hyslop said that “the Scottish Government—through its agencies—would be happy to provide appropriate advice and support” and confirmed that she is “more than happy to arrange appropriate meetings”.

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