Cllr Jim Bollan and the Council HQ in Church Street, Dumbarton.

Council rules were breached ‘on an industrial scale,’ says Bollan

Dear Editor,

Once again the Scottish National Party group on West Dunbartonshire Council  showed they do not have the ability or guts to hold the Chief Executive Officers and Directors of WDC to account after it was revealed this highly paid Senior Management Team have known for years and condoned the fact, which makes them complicit; that their fellow senior officers were deliberately breaching WDC procurement rules and WDC financial regulations on an industrial scale which led to fraud and corruption.
The SNP exonerated all the officers including the CEO for being complicit in breaking Council Policy which has cost local Council Taxpayers incalculable amounts of money, according to Audit Scotland.
The underlying cause of this endemic fraud and corruption is the amount of power and decision making delegated to officers from elected Councillors. This has allowed a culture to fester where these officers believed they were untouchable and above the Council’s rules and regulations, partly due to the Senior Management Team on the Council being complicit and looking the other way.
As an elected public servant, I had a duty to follow this through which I have done internally in WDC. My actions have been in the public interest.
If the SNP have nothing to hide, why vote against an Independent Public Inquiry?
WDC is now tainted in the eyes of the public as a corrupt Council. The reputational damage will be immense. It will take years for the public’s trust to be regained to an acceptable level.

Councillor Jim Bollan, Community Party, West Dunbartonshire Council, Dumbarton


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