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Bill in Connemara in blue gansey
The Democrat editor Bill Heaney

By The Editor

It is my intention to prorogue The Democrat from this Sunday until October 1 when we will once again take up the cause for democracy in West Dunbartonshire.

At that time, in addition to our political reporting and commentary, we will continue to provide free of charge to our many readers, interesting reports, photographs and features about books and travel.  And investigations too, of course.

All those in favour say Aye, those against say Nay.

The reasons for this are for me and my dedicated support team to attend our annual conference in Connemara, where we will take in the remarkable, ever burgeoning, stimulating Clifden Arts Festival.

We hope to be able to return refreshed with interesting items about the events and the people taking part in them in the theatres, church halls, hotels and hostelries in this lovely West of Ireland town on the Atlantic seaboard.

However, since The Democrat is the people’s newspaper, we operate locally and voluntarily – we have no moguls or millionaires pulling our strings – you will be allowed to have a vote on this.

We charge no one for anything, including advertising and treat our readers as shareholders.

We trust that by reading The Democrat at you will find all the information you require to make a mature decision on whether to approve this prorogation on not.

We sincerely hope there will be no division and that the Ayes will  have it by a large majority.

We will of course be delighted if the anti-democratic West Dunbartonshire Council decide to fly a flag in celebration of our temporary departure.

We treat their antipathy as a badge of honour.

The Council and their SNP political masters should treat this notification in similar manner to the way their own is accepted by the public and that no one pays much attention to it.

Like theirs, not one word of it will be taken into account when we come to make our decision.

We look forward to the rest and recreation coming our way and pray that our elected representatives will come to realise that the Press has a legitimate role to play in scrutinising the decisions they make in our name.

Please remember, we haven’t gone away you know. You can contact The Democrat with your vote and comments on this at

The Democrat will remain on-line and alert until we return from Ireland with lots of stories and pictures which you may have missed over recent weeks.

Going across the Border on the very day the Supreme Court sits to consider the Boris question should prove to be very interesting indeed.

Please continue to dip in and out.  In the meantime, the Ayes have it, the Ayes have it, and we are off to Connemara in the morning.

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