Crossing patrols have had to be shifted at great inconvenience from Argyll Avenue to the bottom of Garshake at Round Riding Road. Pictures by Bill Heaney

By Democrat reporter

Visitors to Crosslet Home for the Elderly and people who live in the housing estate close-by will be soon be able to cross the dangerous road there.

The possibility of a serious accident, near misses and a schoolgirl being knocked down have at last caused the penny to drop with local and national roads department officers.

And this week Dumbarton and Lomond MSP Jackie Baillie welcomed confirmation from Transport Scotland that a pedestrian crossing will be installed on the A82 at Argyll Avenue in Dumbarton during the next financial year.

Following an accident at the beginning of the year the lollipop crossing was removed by West Dunbartonshire Council as the crossing was deemed to be unsafe.

Residents of Argyll Avenue and the surrounding streets have raised concerns about the lack of a pedestrian crossing.

The Dumbarton Democrat consistently pointed out that something worse could happen if something was not done about the danger.


Jackie Baillie, Crosslet House and David McBride.

The MSP has been in talks with Transport Scotland since the removal of the lollipop crossing to have a new pedestrian crossing installed.

A survey was conducted by Transport Scotland and they have now written to the MSP to confirm that a crossing will be installed in 2020/21.

Jackie Baillie said:  “This is welcome news from Transport Scotland and will hopefully address the concerns raised by my constituents.

“While it is disappointing that this could not have been installed in time for the new school term, a full crossing is exactly what is needed to ensure the safety of pedestrians going over the A82.

“Speeding is a serious concern on the A82, so anything that can be done to ensure the safety of pedestrians is a priority.”

Bill Heaney, editor of The Dumbarton Democrat, said: “If the authorities had made this decision at the outset when it was flagged up to them and got on with placing the crossing there then the accident involving the schoolgirl would not have happened.

“Let’s hope now that the MSP has intervened where West Dunbartonshire Council should have done initially, Transport Scotland will not drag their heels with this and get on with the job.

“Crossing the road at the foot of Argyll Avenue is a nightmare for residents and staff – and visitors – to Crosslet House and it will continue to be so.

“It is no exaggeration to say that someone could be killed in the interim period between now and the crossing being put in place.”

David McBride, Dumbarton councillor, said:  “I am delighted Transport Scotland have now agreed a Pedestrian Crossing is required for residents at Argyll Ave to cross the A82. Obviously I would have preferred this to have been introduced earlier, but I’m sure everyone who had raised their concerns with me will be glad this will be resolved next year.”


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