Council makes a dog’s dinner of new signs for Pavilion Cafe.

Maybe it’s just as well we are leaving the European Union.  Or are we really, Boris?

West Dunbartonshire Council has many faults and not having a clue when it comes to speaking or spelling French is one of them.

We have known for some time that the council is barking mad in relation to so many things and that it could not run a menage, although it’s just possible they can spell that French word.

And we know too that some of the senior council officers have a good grasp of French words, especially when they’re out to dinner.

Words like champagne, grand cru, Chateau Neuf Du Pape, Chateaubriand come readily to mind. 

But this week we discovered that the council have had difficulty spelling Pavilion, as in Pavilion down Levengrove Park.

And that it’s going to cost the council taxpayers a right few bob to replace the expensive signs on which Pavillion has has been mis-spelt.

For Pavillion is, like cafe itself, vin rouge and menu  too a French word.

And getting it right makes an L of a difference. There is just one L in Pavilion.

Vive la difference, I say.

Especially since the French connection and the Auld Alliance took off here and go back to the days of Mary Queen of Scots and the French Prison at Dumbarton Castle.

Quelle domage!  Mon Dieu! Merd.

Just when it looks as if they have done something commendable, our clunky council have once again managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.

It took them long enough to open it, but the canard enchain council with lottery assistance eventually completed the Pavilion Café in Levengrove Park.

They then mucked things up by announcing that no dogs were to be allowed in the café.

dog 1That raised quite  a few eyebrows, even amongst the dogs.

Social media was jumping with protests from dog owners.

In a U-turn of spectacular proportions, typical of what we have all come to expect from Cllr Jonathan McColl,  the SNP administration admitted they had made a dog’s dinner of this.

Dogs, for whose owners and walkers the café was built – it can’t really have cost nearly £4 million, or can it? – would be allowed into the cafe after all.

Barking loudly in appreciation was encouraged however and it was bowls of water and dog biscuits all round for the hounds of Levengrove as the community celebrated the council volte face.

I know the Council (former Labour leader Andy White, I believe it was) claimed they had wiped out illiteracy here about ten years ago.

But, like so much of what this Council claims, that wasn’t true. They were being economical with the truth yet again.

Neither snooty Council staff nor dog in the manger SNP politicians will comment on this, of course.

Happily, however, there is no word so far that entry to the café will be restricted in future to French poodles or even just cock-a-poodles.

You wouldn’t put it past them though.








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