That was the year that was. It’s over and most of us can’t wait for the Bells to see the back of it. West Dunbartonshire Council in particular will be delighted to witness its departure. As will the local Health Board.
This has been their annus horribilis.  For them, if something wasn’t going wrong, it was something else going wrong. Money down the drain amounted to £millions, while the Council spent like a Friday night drunk on some very daft and unpopular ideas indeed. … More EDITORIAL: THE DEMOCRAT


I have had more contact with the NHS over the past year than desirable though there is nothing like first-hand experience to provide insights, writes Brian Wilson. Having suffered from apparently random ailments and felt generally rotten for a few months, I was referred to hospital in Stornoway. There, I experienced a stroke of good fortune (and excellent care). … More THE BRIAN WILSON COLUMN


There are, however, other factors going on at Tarbet.  The LLTNPA’s land, where the newly upgraded parking area, cafe and chemical disposal point are located, has been included in Moulsdale Properties new development proposals for Tarbet (see here).  The LLTNPA Board should have discussed whether they would agree to allow public land to be used by a private developer BEFORE any new investment in their property went ahead.  By failing to do so the LLTNPA appears once again – as they did with Flamingo Land (see here) –  to be putting the interests of private developers before the public interest. … More LOO LOMONDSIDE: SPENDING A PENNY FOR PRIVATE ENTERPRISE?